5 Simple Techniques To Improve Your MemoryAging is really a simple and natural fact of living your life. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to slow down its effects. We’ve put together an article designed to provide you with five simple ways to boost and maintain your memory.

1. Maintain a schedule that contains thoughts, activities, and important conversations you’ve had during the week

This will not only help provide you insight into what you’ve done on a daily and weekly basis but also allow you to look back to what you wrote weeks, months, and even years ago.

Studies show the more you exercise your memory’s muscles on a regular basis by simply reviewing and trying to recall specific things you’ve done or said, the more you’re giving your brain a fighting chance at slowing down memory loss.

2. Play memory games

Feeding your brain doesn’t have to be boring and dull. There are lots of memory games available both online and offline that make it fun and interesting. Memory games are actually a big industry for some businesses. Do a simple Google search and you will see how many thousand of results come up for you to choose from.

3. Get enough sleep every day of your life

It may sound simplistic, but sleep is important to memory maintenance. The human body doesn’t need sleep to rejuvenate your fingernails or polish your knees. It needs it for brain functionality. Not enough sleep impairs your ability to think, process, and remember. So do yourself a favor and make sure you prioritize sleeping in your life. Eight hours is what most doctors recommend. Don’t overlook this one because it’s so easy.

4. Eat healthy foods

One of the biggest downfalls of the modern medical industry is its widespread failure to recognize the relationship between what you put in your mouth and how well your brain functions. Nutritionists have been screaming this for centuries. Your body and all its part – including your brain – has nothing else to grow or maintain itself with except the things you eat. You are what you eat! Literally. So if you eat junk food all the time, it’s not just your muscles that suffer and grow weak. Your brain is affected as well, and becomes malnourished, which affects your brain and memory functions. Healthy foods like fish oil, whole grains, fruits & vegetables, and organic meat are an important part of a balanced diet.

5. Teach like there’s no tomorrow

It is no mystery that when you try to teach something to someone else, it becomes very clear what you do and do not know about that subject. So if you want to improve your memory and slow down the aging process, teach your heart out. Teach anything and everything. Hobbies. Jokes. Fun facts. Ideas. Stories from your life. Skills. Because the more often you recall something and the more detailed you recall it, the more that memory is permanently imprinted into your memory. Read it and you’ll forget it. Teach it and you won’t.

These five tips and techniques are easy things to do to improve the functionality of your memory. Don’t try to overcomplicate it. Get enough sleep. Eat healthy foods. Play simple memory games. Keep a journal or schedule of what you’ve done and review it occasionally. And teach the things you know to other people. Regardless of how old or young you are, these five things can be done starting today, every day.



5 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Memory
5 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Memory
5 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Memory
5 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Memory

5 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Memory

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