If You Are Pregnant, Here's Some Advice's Some AdviceYou will gain weight while you are pregnant because the baby has to grow over the course of nine months. While it’s true that you can’t get away from the extra weight gain, there are ways to make losing weight after you’ve had your baby much easier. You can stay fit, when pregnant, using the advice you’re about to read.

TIP! As long as you are eating healthily, feel free to give into a craving once in awhile. A craving is usually your body telling you that you need something.

Bedtime Routine

Create a bedtime routine in order to improve your sleeping schedule when pregnant. If you can follow a consistent bedtime routine, then your body will learn that bedtime is near. This should ease the process of falling asleep. Consider soothing rituals like an evening massage, warm bath or light bedtime reading.

If there are one or more cats in your home, refrain from cleaning the litter. Litter and cat feces are both harmful to a woman and her unborn child. Get someone else to take care of the litter box until after the baby is born. Your spouse should be happy to take over this chore for the baby’s sake. If you aren’t married, don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member to clean the litter box for you during your pregnancy.

TIP! Know what the indications of premature labor are and when you should take action by calling your physician. Of course, you hope you will never need this information.

Go to the hospital you expect to give birth at. Look around and get a tour so you can meet the staff. You can have questions answered and start establishing peace of mind. Dads should do this, especially since they are going to be the principal communicator that day when you go into labor.

Study up on what premature labor feels like and understand at what point it is time to call the doctor. With luck, you will never have to actually use this information. Still, it is good to be prepared just in case. The sooner you take action against preterm labor, the greater your chances of a safe and healthy delivery.

Don’t be afraid to ask help when lifting things if you’re pregnant. Lifting places great stress on you and your baby and can cause back pain and, in some cases, miscarriages. For these reasons, it’s best to get somebody to help you lift heavy things, even if you feel like you can handle it.

An excellent exercise for stimulating labor is walking. This gentle exercise can nudge the baby into the birthing position. Request that your partner come with you. Make sure that you don’t overdo things, walk to fast or try any contact exercise so as to avoid harm to your baby.

TIP! For pregnant women that are in their 3rd trimester, it is advisable to sleep on their left side. Sleeping in this position gives the greatest amount of blood to your fetus, and also causes good flow to the kidneys and uterus.

Dry crackers, and other bland foods, have been a stalwart food choice for pregnant women for centuries. A stomach full of foods like this is less prone to vomiting and nausea issues. Greasy and acidic foods are best avoided, as they can exacerbate nausea and trigger heartburn.

Although it is common to have cravings during pregnancy, choose the ones you indulge, with care. Both you and your fetus need a certain level of nutrients from the food you eat. If you are craving and eating a lot of empty calories, this does not supply nutrition to your child. Make sure to keep your diet full of healthy food.

As the start of this piece mentioned, many health issues, like weight gain, can occur during pregnancy. Even though you may be eating more, staying healthy and fit makes it easier to drop those pounds after you give birth. Hopefully this article has given you some great tips for a fit and healthy pregnancy.



If You Are Pregnant, Here's Some Advice
If You Are Pregnant, Here's Some Advice
If You Are Pregnant, Here's Some Advice

If You Are Pregnant, Here's Some Advice

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