Learn How To Manage Your ReputationIs your business’s reputation not quite what you had hoped it would be? Public relations can be a tricky thing to manage. Hence an entire industry aimed at doing just that on your behalf. But what if you can’t afford or simply don’t want to hire a PR firm to manage your reputation for you? There are some basic principles about reputation management every business should know, and this article puts some of them together for you to help you get on your way.

The popular saying, “The customer is always right”, is one of the largest keys to public relations success. Which means that taking the time to follow up with your clients is absolutely imperative. Especially so if your business is a large one. Your customers want to feel they are important to you, not just another number in your massive profit machine. Implement automated systems that will help you check in with them. Also, ask them for feedback after they make purchases.

Take a close look at your presence on the Internet and what’s being said about you. Although it’s true that even the best of businesses will always find negative reviews about them, there are some steps you can take to counter or even eliminate those reviews. There are even services you can hire to help you get rid of those reviews. Do a quick Google search for terms such as “online reputation management” or “remove negative reviews”.

TIP! One way to build your reputation is to always follow up with your customers after the sale has been made. Some of them won’t want to be bothered, but others will be happy to provide feedback and will find it impressive that you took the time to ask.

The thing about negative reviews, however, is that you can’t just sweep them all under the rug in terms of telling yourself that the people writing them are crazy nutjobs. If you’re truly interested in improving your business’s reputation, you need to take a step back, remove your emotions from the equation, and see what you can learn from negative reviews.

For example, if you are seeing consistent complaints that your customer service is bad, then that’s a great clue as to what you need to fix! Learn from complaints you receive. Notice patterns among them. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In many ways, complaints and negative reviews are your greatest pieces of feedback you’ll ever get from your customers. Use them.

If you do an online search for your business and find objective information that’s factually not true, get in touch with the owner of the sites to see if they will remove it. If you can give them some form of proof that the information is false, even better. Remember that those websites are businesses, too, and they don’t want to be known for publishing false information, so it’s in their own best interest to correct the information.

Be professional but personal in your social media campaigns. They say a lot about your business and the corporate culture of the people running your business. People like to give their money to businesses that they identify with or feel they share the same values with.

TIP! Never pay people to leave positive reviews about your business. It’s dishonest and ingenuous. And if people find out, it will do far more damage to your reputation than the good that the fake review will do.

Never pay people to leave positive reviews about your business. Instead, if you feel there aren’t enough good reviews out there about you, make a more concerted effort to simply ask your customers for their positive feedback and for them to share it with their friends. Sometimes it’s just that simple – ask and ye shall receive.

Of course there is much more to public relations and managing your reputation than simply monitoring reviews and complaints that people leave you online. There’s the quality of your products and services, the reputations your employees spread about you, community involvement of your business, lawsuits against you, and much more.

But use these tips and basic principles about online reputation management to get started somewhere. You’ll find that with just a little effort, you can make good progress in improving your business’s reputation.



Learn How To Manage Your Reputation
Learn How To Manage Your Reputation
Learn How To Manage Your Reputation

Learn How To Manage Your Reputation

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