The Specialized Fast Trak is a mountain bicycle tire that is suitable for the moderate knob height course and competes with tires such as the Schwalbe Racing Ralph, Conti Race King, and Maxxis Ikon. I am analyzing the S-Works edition of this Fast Trak that is the most expensive variant and ought to be the speediest Fast Trak accessible. The S-Works Quick Trak includes a 120 TPI casing, two Bliss Ready (Tubeless Ready) bead along with a 60a compound.

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In the present time of the writing, the mountain bike section (summary) is dominated by Schwalbe and Continental. I am analyzing the Specialized tires to determine whether they could compete with the very best offerings from these brands. Since the S-Works variations of this Specialized mountain bike tires are priced like the peak of the line tires in Schwalbe and Conti, they need to be compared to the Evolution (Schwalbe) along with RaceSport/Protection (Conti) tires.

Alongside the S-Works variant, the Quick Trak can be obtained as Control (15% enhanced cut immunity), GRID (38% enhanced cut immunity), Armadillo (more affordable more powerful), and Sport (more affordable) versions. I can not test all variations of this Quick Trak, but that I believe that the S-Works will, at least, provide a sign about the way the remainder of the Specialized mountain bike tires function.

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Do not forget to have a look at the review pages to make it simpler to compare all of tires which were examined.

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Encourages weight of this S-Works Quick Trak is 570 g; my sample comes in at 588 g. The measured diameter of the casing comes in at 53 mm, the knobs stick out a little further leading to a maximum diameter of 54 mm. The measured height is 52 mm. Each one of these dimensions appear to be based on other 2.2/2.25 tires that are rated.

Knob height in the middle of this tread is 2.5 mm. In the edge of the tire, the knobs have a height of 3.1 mm. These dimensions fit directly in between the Schwalbe Racing Ralph (2.5/3.8) and Continental Race King (2.5/2.5). The measured thickness of the sidewalls is 0.5 mm, which is very similar to other tires optimized for a very low rolling resistance.

Regrettably, even the S-Works edition of this Fast Trak can not compete with the speediest tires out of Schwalbe and Continental from the rolling resistance evaluation. When compared with this Racing Ralph TL-R (read review) and Race King RaceSport (read review), the Quick Trak has near 4-5 watts more immunity each flight. The fantastic news is that the Quick Trak does outperform similar tires from Maxxis, Kenda, and Vittoria.

When we also take the moderate priced tires out of Schwalbe and Continental into account, it appears much worse for Specialized. Even Though the gap between those tires is little, the Quick Trak gets outperformed from the Performance variations of both the Conti Race King and Schwalbe Racing Ralph. Contemplating that these tires will be half the cost of the S-Works tires, so it will not look great.

From the puncture resistance test, the Quick Trak does not constitute what’s missing in the rolling resistance evaluation. Both the tread and sidewall puncture resistance evaluations are in-line along with different tires in precisely the exact same class.

Together with the S-Works Edition of this Quick Trak, Specialized takes third place behind Schwalbe and Continental from the mountain bike class. Third place seems great, but if you examine the overview page (summary), you are going to see even the moderate priced tires out of Schwalbe and Continental provide a lower rolling resistance. When compared with the top tires out of these manufacturers, rolling resistance of the Quick Trak is near 4-5 watts higher per tire whilst providing equivalent puncture resistance and knob height.

The S-Works Quick Trak is not a bad tire since it borrows similar tires from Maxxis, Kenda, and Vittoria. Do believe that for the identical cost, you can purchase quicker tires out of Schwalbe and Continental that provide a lower rolling resistance, reduced weight, and equivalent puncture resistance. If you want to learn more about bike pumps, go to bike air pump near me.

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 Posted on : Dec 25, 2017
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